Friday, February 10, 2012

Help, Please???

Hi! My name is Elizabeth. I started a blog. But have I written on it lately? No, because I am a crazy, workaholic person who gets home at night and is boring! Lol, not really, but in all honesty, I have been busy and irritated and tired and really wanting a cheeseburger. Not a fabulous combination in my opinion.
So to cheer myself up and to bolter my self-discipline regarding greasy hamburgers, I decided to blog. Not necessarily because I think people want to read it, but because writing is my therapy. I can admit on paper that I am slightly deranged and at time odd, and then delete it and write something else…. Or, I can blog whatever is on my mind and solidify my apparent excentric behavior for the world to see. It is a beautiful thing!
I have now been sitting here for almost half an hour writing some spiritual stuff about being content. Yes, I was talking to myself more than anything, but then I realized for the past week I have been really heavy, and maybe even slightly depressing… Definitely Negative Nelly, and possibly even a little Debbi Downer…. So….I need a lift. A joyous, spiritual lift from the Lord! And what is so awesome about my Jesus, is that He knows exactly what will lift my spirits. And while talking about contentment is all well and good, I was becoming a little preachy... and I didn't really feel like listening to my own three point alliterated outline, so I perceptively came to the realization that everyone else might not want to read it either. So instead of saying what "I" think I should say, let's just chat. That's always more fun anyway!
I was going to go spend time with friends this weekend, but…since I don’t feel so hot, and I feel the need to “de-people”, I’m going to be a homebody this weekend. By the way, “de-people” is my new term for – “no I do not want to learn anything more about trust funds, insurance payments, petty cash, etc. I do not want to answer anymore phones, and I do NOT want to use the phrase 'Just take a left after the fishtank' in a sentence for a very long time”. For people I work with, this will make sense, but for those I don’t….. please don’t ask, I don’t want to explain, because that is another thing I don’t want to do….lol
I was looking through my poems, and found one that was appropriately light hearted enough for my much needed pick me up, but still brought home a spiritual promise I have been trying to remind myself of all week. Because after all, catching myself when I start to preach, doesnt mean I dont still claim the promises from Jesus. It just means I share, instead of tell.
I wrote it one night in college when I was feeling especially overwhelmed. I put all of the irritating and frustrating things I could think of together and made them rhyme. In a way, it helped me gain perspective on my own frustrations. Because at the time, I couldn't find humor in them. I guess in a way, I deflected, but sometimes, I think that helps. Momentarily anyway...
None of these things happened in any particular order, but through writing it, I realized it’s the little things that tend to push us over the edge.
It’s not the fact that the engine fell out of our car that causes us to go crazy, it is the fact that once the engine DOES fall out, the wind shield wipers won’t stop going back and forth at 60 miles an hour.
Who cares that the engine is rolling down the hill at light speed, destroying everything in its path,  it’s the crazy wipers that won't slow down that drives you to tears….
And do not ask me how this even makes sense, because right now… I have no idea... I am just riding the wave...
Here’s my poem, thanks for reading, and now I’m going to go eat chocolate. Because I need it. The endJ
This morning I got out of bed and stubbed my baby toe,
My sunburn from just yesterday, it really has a glow.

I walked into the bathroom and ran into the wall,
And as I tried to shave my legs, I slipped and had a fall!

A cowlick came from who knows where, and it would not behave,
My bleeding legs just wouldn’t stop from that awful shave!

An acne tree was blooming upon my very head,
My sister lost my makeup; I want to shoot her, dead!!!

All the buttons on my shirt, popped off and rolled away,
And right now I am asking, “why did I wake up today?”

At school the boy I liked, asked out my bestest friend,
I flunked a quiz in algebra and prayed the day would end.

Oh gym class, it was awful, I missed every ball they pitched,
At home I snuck some cookies and my little brother snitched!

Sometimes we feel that everything is simple going wrong,
We close our eyes and plug our ears and sing a little song!

“Jesus loves me, this I hope;
help me not to be a dope,

This day is, well, it’s not too hot,
Can’t we please just have a talk?”

Why on earth does every thing have to be so hard?
All I need’s a hug, a kiss, and I think…a Hallmark card?

God just laughs and holds me close, tucked beneath His chin,
“Child, please don’t worry, I’m always deep within.”

When you feel discouraged, alone and so afraid,
Just open up your Bible to the promises I’ve made.

I will never ever leave you, what time you are in pain,
Lean on me and take my hand and comfort you shall gain.

So when it seems that life just stinks and everything’s a flop,
Turn to God, clean up that mess with Jesus’ special mop!!!

By Elizabeth Alm
September 20, 2008 – 12:30am