Friday, October 30, 2015

Do Life 2015: Never Underestimate the Power of Red Lipstick

When I was 13, my mom sat me down and told me that I could finally start wearing makeup.

The catch? I could only choose one item, per year, until I was 18.

I guess she thought a 7th grader might go a little crazy on the eyeliner or something...

With this totally unknown realm finally open to me, I of course proceeded with great care and used ALL my babysitting money to buy the shiniest, most shimmery lipstick I could find at Sally's Beauty Supply.

And let me tell you... I looked... like a hot mess...

It should also be mentioned that I had a perm, braces, the eyebrows of a grown man and a cluster of whiteheads with a mind of their own.

Not my most shining moment...

Thankfully, years like that pass. I learned a little bit more about myself, my skin, what I like, what I didn't, etc... You get the idea.

But then, one day, I discovered it. Basically the most amazing discovery a woman can have. I say woman, because no pre-teen girl has any business using this or walking around with it on.

No, this is a gift. Straight from the bestowers of self confidence that reside in the sky.

This thing, this item, will blow your freakin' mind.

What's that you say? You are dying to know? You wish that I would hurry up already and tell you???



Red lipstick.

Now before you dismiss my wisdom and find another boring blog to read, hear me out.

I am not talking about clown red lipstick that stains your face for days. Nor am I talking about your gramma's greasy, oily reddish-orange lipstick that came in a gold tube and smelled like crayons.


I am talking about that deep, vibrant, powerful shade of red that tells you that YOU, YES YOU, can take on the world.

That no one stands in your way. And that no matter how much your hair needs to be washed, no one even notices, because with that shade of red?

You slay my friend, you slay.

But really, what's the point? Is lipstick really that big of a deal? What about the dudes? Or people who don't wear lipstick?

Well first, if any of my gentleman friends feel the need for a confidence boost that only a good rouge can bring, I will not judge. It's some pretty powerful stuff.

Second, if lipstick isn't your thing, then no worries. Because something else is your thing. Something else gets you through.

So, what I am really getting at is this....

We all have something to which we cling and claim when days are crappy, people are mean, you want to eat ALL the chips, and nothing is going right.

For me, it's a whole lot of Jesus and my bright red lipstick. 

Maybe for you it's taking a run, cooking, cow tipping, old school 90s music (Backstreet Boys anyone?), etc...

So whatever your go to, confidence booster may be - name it, claim it, revel in it and do life with it!