Thursday, April 4, 2013

#day2 & #day3 recap

When you are truly passionate and believe in something, it doesn't and shouldn't matter what other people think.

You really are only out to seek approval from ONE person - or at least, that is what it should be... Not only that, it's not even approval you should be seeking. Because what you seek has already been freely given. Love & acceptance.... So really, you shouldn't be seeking approval, you should be showing and RETURNING love...

These #40days are all about "seeing" Jesus. And the reason we are able to "see" Him, is because He demonstrated the most amazing act of love known to mankind - personal sacrifice.

Even though it is only day 3, I feel that I have already learned so much. On day 1, I was reminded that not only just Jesus "see" me, but that He also "hears" me. I had prayers answer that day. Day 2 and day 3 - awesome! Completely awesome! And because of something that happened today, I felt my definition of "awesome" shaken a little. But then, I "saw" Him and reminded me that His definition is the one that matters. Not the definition of the world.

So let's recap!

Day 2

(Part 1)

I received a message from a friend late Monday night/Early Tuesday morning. This friend wanted to know what they could do to help someone in their life who is currently suffering with MS. I sat on my bed, totally stunned for a few minutes. I had told the Lord a few days prior that I really want to help and be an encouragement to those with MS. I remember well the lonely days. The days that I felt like an outsider in my own life. The days that all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball, cry and go back to sleep. (there were a couple days that I did that....) If my experience can be an encouragement to someone else, then it was all worth it. Because through my MS, I have more clearly "seen" Jesus....

He brought me forth also into a large place; He delivered me, because He delighted in me....
Psalm 18:19

(Part 2)

I woke up Tuesday morning to a text message. It was screenshot of my best friend's computer. On that screenshot, it was depicted that she had started a team to walk in the Walk MS in her hometown. I cried. She started it because she cannot fly up to walk in the Seattle one with me.... I am constantly humbled by the love and support of my friends. Another friend sent an email to all her contacts and as a result, our donations have more than DOUBLED in the last week! I love my friends so much... I truly have friend who "show" Jesus!

Day 3

(Part 1)

Woke up Wednesday morning and checked my email, per usual. I had an devotional a friend sent me. The exact verse I needed. Spiritual encouragement is the best!

(Part 2)

I had an interview. I didn't get the job, BUT it was fascinating.... And the Lord taught me some things, and reminded me of some things. The details of this interview will be in a blog post all it's own, haha!

All in all, it was a fabulous day! I am starting to wake up each day, wondering how HE is going to show Himself to me.... It is super exciting!

40 More Days of Jesus

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

#day1 recap

Sometimes, we minimize the things that God does in our lives. We do not give full acknowledgement to the magnitude of the little things. Littles things that we define as such. Nothing is too small for God, but we tend to put Him and His blessings in a box. We gauge what is a BIG blessing and what is a small blessing. We define what is a miracle of God and what is just a common occurrence. Shame on us...

Part of my goal for "40 More Days of Jesus", is to bring back into perspective the very presence of God in my life. He is always there, never leaving or forsaking, however, I do not always give Him the attention or the prominence that He deserves. Day 1 was awesome, and I am looking forward to the next 39. I truly believe that Jesus is going to be seen more clearly than He ever has before. I believe that for those of us partaking in this, we will be overwhelmed by how "present" He is...ALL the time....

Day 1:

I figured while I am documenting on Facebook and Instagram with pictures, I would also document on the blog so that I can give back story - because those are always fun!

Yesterday I had a phone interview, which I feel went so well! Thank you Lord!!!! After the interview, I checked my email, and there was an invite to yet another interview... I had to sit back and take it in, because I had asked the Lord for choices. And while I have not been offered a position yet, this was still an answer to prayer.

On top of that just being a wonderful morning, I was able to write 2 blog posts and... oh yeah, MY BUSINESS CARDS CAME!!! FIVE DAYS EARLY!!!! Pretty awesome day 1!

 One day down, thirty nine to go.... I am super excited about what is going to happen!

He answers prayers!!!
Five days early!!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

40 More Days of Jesus

Last night at church, I heard an interesting thought. One that I never really dwelt on before, but definitely want to now.

“We spend so much time focusing on Jesus leading up to Easter, but then when it’s over, we don’t dwell on Him as much. He spent another 40 days on earth before ascending to Heaven! It didn’t end on Resurrection Sunday.”

How very true… We focus on what we are going to give up for Lent, or we focus on Good Friday and the days leading up to the Resurrection Celebration. But, we don’t stop and think about the fact that Jesus appeared to over 500 people over the course of the forty days following His resurrection. He didn’t just die, rise again and then peace out of here. He stuck around because He still had things to do!

So, I decided that for the next 40 days, I want to “see” Jesus. I want to make a purposeful effort every single day for the next 40 days, to “see” Jesus. I believe that he makes himself known to us every day, but it is not often that we acknowledge that it is Him. We are so caught up in our lives and with our agendas, that if it isn’t Sunday, we are not thinking about Him. It goes deeper than that though… We can acknowledge and think about Jesus without “seeing” Him.

When I was in college, I was CRAVING dried mangoes. Nobody knew that I wanted them, and I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t have the extra money to buy them, so I just said to the Lord in passing, “You know Lord, I would really love some dried mangoes.” Two days later, my mom sent me a package, and what do you know, inside was a bag of dried mangoes. That is what I mean by “seeing” Jesus. Those mangoes were from my mom, BUT, ultimately, they were from the Lord. He sent them to me, and I “saw” Him because of it.

40 days from today is May 10th. I want to invite and encourage you to join me during the next 40 days. Document and acknowledge the ways that Jesus makes Himself known to you. Maybe it is in your devotions. Maybe it is in a text from a friend. Maybe you see something while you are driving to work and it reminds you of a spiritual truth or promise. Acknowledge it. And like those who saw Jesus after His resurrection, tell other people! Do not keep these appearances to yourself. Share it with friends, family, and strangers. Use social media. Use texting. Send a card telling someone about how you “saw” Jesus. I believe that the next 40 days can be very powerful and eye opening for many, many people.

For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.
Matthew 18:20