Wednesday, April 6, 2016

simplicity 2016: peter rabbit's garden

"once upon a time there were four little rabbits, and their names were--flopsy, mopsy, cottontail, and peter." - beatrix potter

over one year ago i made a list. a list to plant a garden.

a list that i named 'peter rabbit plants a garden'

(because if you have never read anything by beatrix potter, then you must.
it is whimsical, delightful and takes you back to simpler times)

but i never planted the garden. i didn't make time, and before i knew it, the winter came and went.

and no garden.

this evening, the sun was too beautiful and the wind too sweet.

i couldn't keep myself from buying seeds and finally planting my garden.

you see, i come from a family of green thumbs, but haven't ever dabbled in it myself.

i'll eat what my uncle grows all day long, and i adore the smell of fresh flowers.

i guess i'm just nervous i'll suck at it. and i don't want too...

i purchased a lavender plant, a white bleeding heart, and three herb packets. 

some lovely pots and organic potting soil.

even if my little garden fails, the pure bliss of digging my hands into that soil and walking around barefoot makes it worth it.

so my little seeds are in the ground. covered, watered and tucked in for the night.

and hopefully, in two weeks, little sprouts of basil, parsley and cilantro will erupt from the ground.

life will begin and freshness will burst forth from the earth.

and that's so beautiful. beautiful because we get to see the miracle of life. a miracle that our Jesus gave us when HE created
our world.

it's something that constantly blows my mind. 
because it's complex, while still remaining simple.

plant. water. tend. gather. repeat.

simple and beautiful. 


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