Saturday, January 2, 2016

simplicity 2016: counting the big bucks

Yesterday I cancelled a movie membership - for documentaries - because I'm a nerd.

Then I cancelled my Scribd account - think Netflix for books - because I'm a HUGE nerd.

Continuing with this theme, I cancelled my Sirius XM membership - because spotify, and I don't use it.

I've also decided to continue not buying weekly lattes - because, I find I like coffee at home more than a latte.

And finally, I lowered my data on my phone plan - because, I need to get off my dang phone.

I am also fairly motivated by saving money. Which is funny considering how many random things I pay for on a monthly basis. Didn't realize how much until yesterday...

Since my personal goal for this year is to simplify, I am looking around myself to see what I have that I don't use, what I pay for that I don't really want and what do I use in excess just because I am bored.

Hence the cancellation of more monthly subscriptions than I realized I was paying for.... #facepalm

I don't need to justify cancelling any of these expenses, but just for the sake of this post, I will explain for thought process.

Movie/Documentary membership: I have Amazon Prime, I use my best friend's Netflix, and pay for Hulu since I don't have cable.

Scribd: I may or may not personally own almost 200 books. I also have a library card for three different library, that's just ridiculous.

Sirius XM: As I mentioned, I have spotify. I also have a record player and many many CDs...don't judge me, I like CD's. I also miss cassette tapes, so there's that.

Coffee: Lattes are not a need, and caffeine in a ceramic mug totally tastes better. Especially when your ceramic mug is Wonder Woman. Or the poop mug. That one's great too.

Phone: I just really need to get off my dang phone. I am on it too much, wasting time and frying my brain cells... I am too dependent on a piece of technological equipment to keep me from being bored and to keep me safe.

And because I am SUCH a HUGE nerd, I tallied up how much I will save over the next year, just by cutting out these extras.

drumroll....... $1545.....

yes, you read that correctly, I will save almost two grand if I just stopping wasting my money...

Now, as a self proclaimed budgeting wiz, I am a teensy bit embarrassed by my mindless spending.

I mean, what happened to me? I have had a budget since I was 16. On a hand drawn spreadsheet. Because I find consumer math fascinating.

So then how did this happen... how did my spending get a little out of control. Because while I could easily tally these extra expenses, I also know that I can look at my bank account and see where the rest of the money goes.

I think, at least for me, my personal life has just become cluttered with so many unnecessary things, I have adapted and put myself on auto pilot.

Spending just because I think I need something. Not taking the time to see if I can get the same experience for free. Not checking to see if I already have batteries before buying more.

Last week, I spent Christmas with my Gramma (one of my favorite humans); and I had a revelation while I was there.

When I am at her house, everything slows down, and everything makes more sense. I'm not sure why, but it does.

And when I thought about that on my drive back to Seattle, I was deeply challenged to address this in my own life.

You see, I complicate things for myself.

Tangibly speaking, I buy stuff to make things easier in the moment, only to not need it or want it later. To me that's complicated.

I also waste. Not intentionally but I over plan and waste.

I also don't fully and completely appreciated the things I have. Because I am too busy buying crap.

And it's all because I am too much in my head and forget that I don't have to be perfect. And the expectations I have for myself? No one else has those for me. So I can calm the heck down.

2016? I am really glad you are here, and I am glad I get to simplify. Because, it's only day two and I already feel lighter.



  1. Love motivated me to do the to just get JT on board